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Stefani Longshamp

Kevin calls himself an inverse paranoid. Rather than worrying that everyone's out to get him, he thinks that the universe is conspiring to do him well.

"I'm a firm believer that there's power in putting intentions out into the universe," he says. "If you go through life expecting the best in people and inviting endless possibilities, there's a better chance of success."

Judging from a series of fortuitous life events, his theory seems well-founded. There was the time he hosted a fake riot at the opening of a downtown gallery show featuring his paintings. That led to a large marketing firm (GMR) in Chicago to hire him as their creative director for the national production launch of their new body spray called AXE... Since then he has been working on numerous Feature Film projects as a Producer,  Editor and Art Director; also editing on movie trailers, behind the scene, full feature  docs and  series.  In 2016 he and his family moved back to the US after living abroad in Barcelona, Spain and Dublin, Ireland for 5-years.

He has been working as a Producer / Art Director and Editor

for aDayInTheLife PRODUCTIONS.

Anchor 1

Belgian-born filmmaker Paul-Michel Ledoux engages viewers through storytelling and content marketing.

As a former BBC and REUTERS Cameraman he has filmed (under fire) in some of the world's most volatile locations; such as Liberia and The Congo.  As an accomplished street-photographer, his artistic eye is applied to every project he involves himself with.  His extensive background in video production,  has helped him to take on clients with very specific needs and find ways to convey their message through video.  Paul-Michel is based out of Dublin, Ireland.