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At a certain point in the growth of your organization, it will become advantageous to have some of the marketing and design responsibilities handled by a team of creative professionals from the outside.

We help companies and their teams uncover what matters and then shape it into compelling stories that make people listen and be motivated to action. We tell authentic stories that come from the heart.    Utilizing beautiful camera techniques, nuanced editing and thoughtful story telling, we are able to fully evoke and harness the emotional impact of your message. 

Why Outsourced?

Outsourced creative direction is like hiring a one-stop shop. You're going 100 miles an hour trying to keep all the balls in the air with your business and you certainly can’t dedicate enough time to every aspect of every PR, communications or re-branding initiatives your company wants to execute. Right? 

Have you ever thought about outsourcing some of these these tasks?

A smart tactic is to partner with a creative director. In or this case, to partner with a great story teller.  Doing so is even better than hiring new junior employees (or expensive senior employees) because you get an experienced creative thinker; along with their pool of talent.

An outsourced creative director works side-by-side with your internal resources while also working with external resources such as animators, editors, designers, photographers,  illustrators and video producers.

How does it work?

First Date

Unless we have collaborated on projects in the past, it just makes sense that we get to know one another.  It all starts with both parties meeting and discussing your company's immediate marketing needs as well as their long term goals.  Next, we establish clear guidelines and set expectations so there is no confusion. Moving forward we work on a monthly retainer basis with a compensation package agreed upon up front.  This way there are no surprises.

What are the Fees?

Each client has different needs, and thus, the monthly fees will be negotiated based on the tasks and scope of your company's monthly creative workload.  STANDARD ARRANGEMENT is $2,500 for one week (5 days) of work, per month, every month.


Agency-Level Graphic Work + Emmy Award Winning Video Production + Social Media management for 1/4 the usual cost.  

Retainer plans start at $2,000 per month for 32 hours (4 days) of video producer/editor, graphic design, social media posts,

Marshall McKinney,

Design Director

Garden & Gun Magazine

Kevin Harrison is a unique craftsman. He's got a discerning eye for storytelling—regardless the medium; video, canvass or clay—and always endeavors to reach the highest taste-level possible.

Daniel Skold,

Ground Control Manager EMEA

Airbnb, Dublin

Kevin created several videos for the Airbnb Dublin site that were fantastic. From start to finish Kevin was easy to work with, brought his own creative ideas, helped us imagine a clear narrative and we were delighted with the final outcome. Kevin is enthusiastic, passionate and a true creative who knows how to elevate a video to the next level. 

Stanfield Gray,

Founder & CEO


Kevin is one of the most inspired and dynamic artists, filmmakers and all around creatives I have ever known. It's a pleasure to collaborate with him. The process is always a great adventure with beautiful results at the end.

We've worked with some of the biggest companies on the planet.  We'd love to show you what we can do.


Philippe Cousteau

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